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  • Design, supply and installation of irrigation systems  Rain Bird
  • Year-round   service  of  irrigation  systems,  repairs, winterizing  and  spring
    commissioning of irrigation systems. 
  • Customer service  Rain Bird
  • Distribution  and supply  of a  complete  range  of components  Rain Bird
  • Sales of the complete range of products of Rain Bird


Why an  irrigation  system  – Automatic  irrigation  system  provides  an optimal
amount  of  water  needed  for  lawns  and other plants  in  your  garden. Irrigation 
systems save  you time. You  don’t  have  to stay  with  a  garden hose to irrigate 
lawns and thus save  time you can spend on your hobbies or your family. Irrigation
takes place mostly during nights, when the loss  of  vapour  is  lower and you can 
save up to 30% of water. Irrigation system takes care of your garden even you are
not  at  home  during  the  holidays. 
The  whole system  is  composed  of hidden 
underground pipes and slide-out sprayers, which are hidden underground and don‘t
hamper or obstruct in any way.
This automatic unit takes  full care of your garden. 
A beautiful garden will add value and prestige to your property. 


           The  Rain Bird  products achieve truly intelligent use of water


  Advantages of automatic irrigation system: 

 *          An optimal amount of water for plants 
 *          Reduction of water losses due to evaporation   
 *          Uniform irrigation
 *          Saving water up to  30 %
 *          Better use of water 
 *          Automatic operation
 *          Saving time
 *          No hose on the lawn 
 *          Quick return of an investment cost  
 *          A higher value of your property   
 *          Simple operation  
 *          Pleasant microclimate   
 *          You do not pay any fees for sewage


What does irrigation system consists of  – The  entire  system is  composed of

water pipes and sprinklers stored below ground. Sprinkles  are ejected  under  the 

water  pressure and after the irrigation  they slid  below  the ground again.  It does 

not interfere with any components while grass is being mowed. Automatic  Control

unit controls  the  whole  process  of  irrigation. The  whole  system  also includes

sensors, auxiliary units, solenoid valves and filters. Irrigation systems are delivered

all-inclusive with complete implementation and staff training. 


Maintenance of irrigation systems -  Maintenance of  the  irrigation system can
be divided  into the general maintenance during the year which consists primarily
of a control of irrigation rations, functionality of its components and cleaning filters.
An inspection of  filters should be carried out 1x per 8  weeks or filters should  be 
cleaned. Unclean  filter  reduces  the  performance  of  individual sprinklers so the 
whole result  of   the system.   Each  user  of  irrigation  systems  will master the 
regular maintenance during the year. 

Winter maintenance which includes the release of water from the piping  system 
using compressed  air. Spring maintenance  basically means in filling the system
with  water,  testing the functionality  of  nozzles  and other components  and / or 
adjustment of nozzles, control  of  control  unit  and  preparation  for  the  season. 

Winter  and  spring  maintenance  is recommended  to l eave to the  professional 

company to avoid non-expert intervention and errors which can bring you potential

additional costs. Experienced Installation Company  will  provide guarantee for  its 

work and the  work would  carried   faster. Any  maintenance,  repair  or  warranty
service can order  here.


A  source  of  water  for  irrigation  is automatic –  as  a  source  of  water for
irrigation may be recycled water from water mains, wells, rain water or water  from
the water streams or tanks. It always must be sufficient and clean. A combination
of several sources is possible. The  best solution is a  connection  directly behind 
the  water  meter. This allows connection to have a  sufficient  diameter  pipe. For 
common gardens and green areas of industrial  or administrative areas is suitable 
diameter min. 1 "/ 32 mm or larger. The minimum pressure for reliable operation of
the system is 2 atm. at  the  end  element of  the system,  which comply with the 
minimum 3 atm. more 4 atm. of  the source  water.   A connection to garden  taps
with diameter ½''or other small sections is not appropriate because  they have low 
flow and high losses of water  pressure. Generally speaking,  the  irrigated garden 
size approximately  500 m2 - 700 m2 should have a  minimum flow  rate  of about 
0.7 litters or more. A connection   to a well or a borehole is possible  in  the  case
that the capacity of  water  is  sufficient enough  for  at  least one  irrigation cycle.
Water  from  such  sources  is  pumped by submersible  pump  or  pumps  with a 
suction basket.


Proposal  irrigation  system  and  its  price  – a  wide  range of  data (such as 
planting   plan  at  a  scale,  soil  type,  terrain   slope,  etc.)   is essential  for the 
processing, the system design and a subsequent calculation of prices. The  most 
reliable way to create a precise design is  our  personal  visit to your property. On 
the site we can specify all the irrigated areas, we will explain design methods, we 
will recommend the appropriate type of irrigation system, discuss  the location  of
your   control  unit  and  asses   the   capacity  of  water resources  and  possible
connection method.  Background   processing of irrigation  is  advantageous  while
there is still  ongoing construction or  reconstruction of the house and garden. It is
also   possible   to  prepare e.g.  passages in  the  buildings, put   duct  for  water
distribution and electricity, the fortified areas etc in an advance. The best way is to
process  the  actual  detailed  design  together  with  a  garden design or in  direct
response to it. Irrigation systems  can  not   develop  in  an   already   established


Take advantage of our offer  and let  us develop a framework  study and a 
quote of an appropriate  irrigation system for your  garden  free  of  harge 
and  without  any  obligation.   We will  we  prepare a   full  and complete 
project,   including   list   of   materials,   drafts,    location   of    sprinklers, 
electromagnetic   valves,  control  units  and   pumps, including  the quote 
for material  and work. Price depends  on a  size  of  the  project  (garden, 
terrain, number of components, control units, water sources, etc.)


Self-help implementation of the irrigation system  – This service is especially
created for a handy DIY customers  who  want  to  set  up  their  garden  irrigation 
We offer:


 *  Development of the project, including a complete list of material 
 *  Easy buy online the products here
 *  Delivery of all components 

 *  Delivery of material
 *  When ordering components of Rain Bird over  20.000 CZK  will arrange free delivery to your garden anywhere in the Czech republic. 


        If you are you interested don´t hesitate and contact us  here.

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