Sample calculation of irrigation system

Many customers before the actual implementation of an automatic irrigation raise a question of how much an automatic irrigation system will actually cost.   

For a pricing process  is important to  understand a  wide  range  of  data, such as garden planting plan, soil type, slope, elevation, water source and its capacity, the control unit, the number of sprinklers, etc.


The total cost of AIS consists of:

1st Prices Project, inc. BOM

2nd Prices of materials

3rd Prices implementation works


Prices/Rates for common garden projects:

Project for AIS incl. BOM /material list/ for the area of 399 m2

    - within 5 working days        2.300 CZK

   - within 10 working days      1.700 CZK

Project for AIS incl. BOM /material list/ for an area from 400 m2 to 999 m2

    - within 5 working days        2.500 CZK

   - within 10 working days      1.900 CZK

Project for AIS incl. BOM /material list/ for an area from 1000 m2 to 1500 m2

    - within 5 working days        2.900 CZK

   - within 10 working days      2.300 CZK

Project for AIS incl. BOM /material list/ for an area over 1500 m2 or public projects

The price is calculated individually, depending on the size of irrigated areas, the number of components, elevation, pumping stations, etc.

If you decide to implement the installation of the irrigation system through our firm, you will be refunded the price for developing the project.


Take   an  advantage  of  our  offer  and  let  us prepare a free ( and  without  any obligation) study  and  and a  framework  for  irrigation  system suitable for your garden. We will also  produce  a  complete and  comprehensive project including BOM, layout, and location of sprinklers,solenoid valves, control units and pumps, including the price budget material and implementation work. The price depends on a size of the project, garden ground, the number of components, control units, water resources, etc.

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