Services for You:

Establishment  of  gardens,  parks  or   public greenery,  design,   planting 

plants, trees and grass 

Complete gardening services - we offer comprehensive care


Planting and maintenance of grass areas - we deliver  high-quality   substrate,
which is
 the base for the perfect lawn areas. We can deliver the appropriate mix of
grass,  including fertilization.
 We use a mixture of grass  varieties of top  reputable
companies that  produce a wide  lawns
 palette of colours for  versatile use.  Grass
mixtures  are  cultivated   for a  hard  continental  climate  characterized  by  great
vitality and resistance to harsh weather.

Regular  garden  maintenance -  a  regular  maintenance  is   provided  weekly,
fortnightly and  irregular  intervals  according  to customer requirements as well as
single and short-term maintenance of gardens during holidays and vacations 

Adding bark mulch beds a regular replenishment  of  mulch bark helps prevent
the growth of weeds in the beds and facilitate the maintenance of plantations. 

Mowing,  aeration -  a   quality   turf   cannot   do  without  regular   mows   and
verticutation, which is appropriate  to carry  out twice a year, usually at spring and
autumn.  Verticutation  remove  weeds,  moss  and  promotes  rooting  and allows
access of water, nutrients and oxygen directly to the roots. 


Automatic   irrigation   systems -  Rain  Bird   and  The  Rain – with  more  than
70-years   of   experience   Rain  Bird  products  offer   customers  proven   quality
throughout  world.  Choose  the  best   professional   solution  for  your irrigation of
gardens, sports fields, parks, schools, playgrounds or public area. 

Year-round service of irrigation systems - we provide service before winterizing,
guarantee and post-guarantee service of automated irrigation systems. 

E-shop products RAIN BIRD and K RAIN - shop from  the comfort of  your  home
for the lowest prices, enjoy special offers and news. We monitor and compare  the
prices of identical products for you daily. We offer discounts up to 30% in selected
products.   We offer  the widest range  of original goods at  the  lowest prices,  the
shortest delivery time and we guarantee the quality of our service.


Disposal of weeds on roads and pavements and non-agricultural land - 
many  gardeners are often  reluctant to use herbicides in the garden because they
  possible  residues,  which  after using some  products remain in the soil. We
use  herbicides  which  are easily  decomposed  in  the  soil and  do not leave any


Disposal of weeds -  in  ornamental  lawns,  playgrounds,  parks,  etc. - beautiful
lush lawn without weeds is the pride of every garden, park or sports field.  Effective
chemical selective herbicide spraying will get rid off of undesirable weeds.

Garden elements, garden houses, pergolas, sand, sidewalks, patios, etc. -
we provide delivery and installation of garden furniture such as  children's sand  pit,
garden   houses,   cabins,   gazebos,  pergolas,  benches,  swings,  furniture  and
accessories  to   public   spaces,  wooden   bridges,   screens,  kennels,  wooden
partition walls, playgrounds for public spaces, etc. 


Advisory    activities -  we  provide  consulting  services  for a utomatic  irrigation
systems, an advisory service  in  the  field  of  horticulture,
 gardens, public  areas,
consultation in creating gardens, maintenance, etc.